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New Open Source Contributor Model: RISC-V Development Partners

By May 28, 2021March 7th, 2022No Comments

The growth of RISC-V is built on the collaborative efforts of the individuals and organizations in the technical community. Our continued progress relies on the dedication and investment that make such contributions possible. RISC-V is incredibly grateful for the investments each of our members make in furthering the success of RISC-V, and in particular, the comprehensive dedication provided by organizations to take on specific technical missions.

In appreciation of the efforts of our technical community, we have created a new approach for contributing to open source hardware: the RISC-V Development Partner Program.

RISC-V Development partners independently contribute their engineering support for RISC-V initiatives through leadership, engineering, and resources to drive specific technical deliverables that benefit the RISC-V ecosystem.

By recognizing the investment and dedication of the organizations making significant contributions to RISC-V, this program seeks to streamline collaboration while advancing projects the RISC-V Task Groups have identified for extension ratification. Additionally, this program offers an opportunity for Development partner participants to be a part of groundbreaking, innovative projects, providing a platform for public acknowledgment and celebration of their contributions to the community.

Mark Himelstein, RISC-V CTO:

“I was talking with the key architects. In addition to designing the ISA, they were only a few architects in each of their companies designing the microarchitecture and end products. They barely had enough time to contribute to the ISA efforts let alone work on ecosystem pieces like compilers, operating systems, or architecture tests.

Coming up with a program where we could partition the work the task groups need, free up the architects to do architecture, engage more contributors, and recognize the efforts of the organizations seemed like a great idea to try. And the rest is history!”

A huge thank you to our first Development Partners:


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