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Abhishek Jadhav

He is a senior undergraduate Electronics and Telecommunication engineering student from Mumbai University, India. He has been working on Open Hardware with OpenPOWER and RISC-V with being community member of RISC-V International. He also lead Open Hardware Developer Community in India dedicated to POWER ISA with potential scope of RISC-V. Currently the community has more than 100 students across India. Coming from Telecommunication background, he is 5G enthusiast with more inclination towards mmWave and n78 implementation in small scale enterprise due to more attenuation and pathloss. Due to spectrum availability, current implementation and research in India is leading toward n78 and use of femto cell. IIoE with 5G is one of the major interest in IoT, with more focus on wireless communication of devices to everything, including V2V and V2X which require high bandwidth, low latency and high reliability. 5G is being key to providing connectivity to V2V and V2I.

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