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Maven Silicon – a RISC-V Training Partner

By October 2, 2020No Comments

This blog was orginally published on the Maven Silicon blog.

RISC-V has accepted Maven Silicon as a RISC-V Training Partner to train industry engineers on RISC-V design and verification. As a founder, I am glad to collaborate with open source communities like RISC-V and contribute to the semiconductor ecosystem, upskilling the VLSI engineers on RISC-V processor design and introducing more processor experts to the industry.


Our vision is to produce highly skilled VLSI engineers and help the semiconductor industry worldwide to meet the growing demand for chip design experts. But the semiconductor industry is going through a vast transformation that would enable us to create new and more powerful chips to support the evolving technologies like IoT, AI, Cloud, 5G. The processor is one of the essential components of the chip for the same. We need more powerful, customized, optimized processors of different kinds like embedded processors, microcontrollers, microprocessors, and multi-core processors. So, we need to train the next generation chip designers on processor design and empower them to innovate and create new and all kinds of processors. This is how we can disrupt the semiconductor industry.

Our vision aligns with the RISC-V’s vision of disrupting the semiconductor industry. RISC-V is a free and open ISA, enabling processor, hardware, and software innovations through open collaboration. We are delighted to collaborate with RISC-V and empower the engineering community to innovate and create new and powerful chips, primarily using open source solutions.

We would like to thank RISC-V and Calista Redmond, CEO, RISC-V, for this great opportunity to work with their open-source community and contribute to RISC-V learning as a RISC-V Training Partner.

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