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Time is running out! The Call for Papers is open until Friday, September 10 at 11:59 pm PST. (Yes – TOMORROW!) Don’t miss your opportunity to show off and share your contributions to the RISC-V ISA and ecosystem.

The 2021 RISC-V Summit is a fully featured hybrid event so all speakers, attendees and sponsors have the opportunity to attend in-person or virtually. Make sure you’re part of the Open era of computing!

2021 has been a busy year for the RISC-V community and we’ve expanded our Summit technical tracks in order to showcase the scale, diversity and technical maturity of our ecosystem. This year we are accepting session proposals for the following tracks and suggested topics:

  • Beyond the RISC-V ISA: The ISA and software must all have technical attributes including being secure, performant, reliable, etc. This track should include designs and development of products with these attributes (and how they satisfy them).
    • Security
    • Secure-Boot & Trusted Execution Environments
    • Countermeasures to side-channel attacks and emanation security
    • Crypto-Accelerators
    • Time-definite execution
    • Performance and optimization
    • Tightly-coupled accelerators
    • Custom ISA extensions for performance (e.g. smart-storage, graphics, crypto, compression, etc)
    • Power-optimized execution
    • RASD: Reliability, Availability, Scalability, & Diagnosability
    • Functional Safety
    • Self-healing systems and lock-step execution
    • End-to-end data integrity
  • Software Stack and Development Tools: Novel techniques, solutions, and research.
    • Compilers (e.g., GCC, LLVM), virtual machines (e.g., V8, OpenJDK), and runtime systems
    • Compilation techniques optimized for RISC-V
    • Libraries and applications that have been customized, optimized, or specifically targeted to RISC-V, especially for graphics, machine learning, and HPC
    • Simulation and performance analysis tools
  • Industry Targeted Solutions: RISC-V use in end-user products is growing exponentially every year. For this track, we are looking for solutions, research, or product-specific implementations with RISC-V within an industry. We are also interested in trends and future technologies in the targeted RISC-V industries.
    • Automotive
    • Networking
    • Data Center
    • Industrial Devices
    • Controllers
    • Blockchain
    • Military / Aerospace

Reminder: This is a community conference — so no product and/or vendor sales pitches.

We have a variety of submission types to chose from so you have the flexibility to present your topic in the format that best fits your needs. You can chose from:

  • Session Presentation: 25-minute presentation, limited to 2 speakers
  • Deep-Dive Presentation: 55-minute presentation, limited to 2 speakers
  • Panel Discussion: 55 minutes of discussion with 3 to 5 speakers
  • Birds of a Feather: 55 minutes
  • Lightning Talk: 10-minute presentation

Read the full submission requirements and apply today!

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