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ZAYA Now Offers Trusted Execution Environment For RISC-V | ZAYA

By October 13, 2021October 19th, 2021No Comments

Cambridge, UK – October 06, 2021, ZAYA now offers Trusted Execution Environments for RISC-V Architecture.

There are different security approaches for IoT Security, and one of the popular approaches is having a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) on an IoT Device.

A TEE shall collect all sensitive resources and operations and isolate itself from the rest of the system. In case of an attack, the malfunctioned operation cannot access the sensitive operations in the TEE so that the sensitive resources can be protected from the attackers.

A TEE is now a requirement for IoT Security Certifications such as PSA and SESIP; It is called Secure Processing Environment (SPE) in PSA, Platform in SESIP.

All these IoT Security requirements apply to RISC-V architecture, and ZAYA offers secure solutions for the RISC-V world.

ZAYA Secure OS is a secure and certified operating system designed according to IoT Security Certifications. ZAYA Secure OS is a PSA Certified Level 1 that shows ZAYA provides essential security mechanisms. ZAYA is also PSA Functional API Certified that shows ZAYA provides a security API (Cryptography, Secure Storage and Attestation) for user applications. ZAYA also meets the essential requirements of SESIP.

ZAYA now offers a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) for RISC-V. ZAYA Secure OS creates a secure and isolated space in the RISC-V environment and handles all sensitive operations, such as PSA 10 Goals, including Cryptographic operations, Secure Key Storage and Attestation.

PSA 10 Goals

ZAYA TEE is an independent executable that does not include user executables, so it can be developed and assessed by a Security Lab individually. This modular approach avoids assessing non-secure modules that reduce the assessment scope of an IoT device for essential security requirements.

ZAYA TEE also provides containerisation for userspace to divide user executions into isolated spaces called ZAYA microContainers. Untrusted 3rd Party executions can be run in an unprivileged isolated space to avoid malfunctioning on both TEE and other User Applications.

ZAYA TEE provides a secure environment for IoT Device Developers that meet IoT Security Certification requirements and international security standards. In this way, developers can stay on the proven secure side and focus on their custom user applications.

If you would like to hear more about ZAYA TEE on RISC-V and demonstrations, please contact

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