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GreenWaves will Demonstrate Live the Ground-breaking AI and DSP Demos on its Ultra Low Power Chip at Embedded World 2022 | GreenWaves Technologies

Located in the micro-and nano-electronics hotspot of Grenoble, GreenWaves is a fabless semiconductor startup that designs and brings to market advanced ultra-low-power AI and DSP processors for energy-constrained applications. Our first product GAP8, one of the first commercially available RISC-V AI processors, has been in production for more than a year. It is uniquely optimised to execute a large spectrum of image and audio algorithms including convolution neural network inference and signal processing with extreme energy efficiency in AIoT sensors and devices. At Embedded World 2022, you will be able to see a commercial infrared people locating and counting device based on GAP8 which lasts over 2 years on a single battery.

GreenWaves’ second generation GAP9 processor, has been designed from the ground up to address the blend of classic DSP, ultra-low latency, sample-by-sample time domain DSP and NN workloads needed for hearable product applications such as earbuds and headphones while preserving a high degree of flexibility and programmability. At Embedded World we will show off how our tiny 3.7 by 3.7 mm chip enables the new to world features in the next generation of hearable devices. With our software partners, we have developed demonstrations that illustrate the extreme energy efficiency of GAP9 when executing advanced audio processing features: dynamic spatial audio with head tracking at 1.8mW; AI-based selective and adaptive ANC, operating at 768 kHz consuming 1.5mW per channel; always-listening voice command application running at 10 MCPS and consuming just 0.5mW; and continuous voice filtering and complex speech denoising algorithms consuming a few mWs.

Our customers have found the GAP9 hearable platform exceptionally power efficient for voice and music processing. It has given them headroom in both energy and processing power that they use to develop innovative new features in their products with no compromise in area, cost or energy.  Our development tools enable software and hardware developers to productively harness the power of their processors using familiar neural-network and mathematical computing software. As one customer has told us, “We do in weeks with GAP9 what we do with other platforms in months”.

Meet us onsite at Embedded World 2022 (Hall:1, Booth: 1-550) and discover how GAP processors can power your application.

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