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MachineWare at Embedded World 2023

At Embedded World 2023 MachineWare presents SIM-V, an ultra-fast, SystemC TLM based, parallel-enabled, RISC-V instruction set simulator for early embedded software development and verification. SIM-V combines unprecedented simulation performance with full customizability for applications ranging from the tiniest embedded devices to warehouse-scale supercomputers. MachineWare enables software developers to test full software stacks – including firmware, operating system kernel and complex user-space applications, such as Java virtual machines or rich graphical environments – in real time. SIM-V addresses the need for high-performance RISC-V Loosely-Timed SystemC Virtual Platforms in application sectors like automotive electronics, AI, and telecom. It is based on MachineWare´s disruptive Just-In-Time compilation engine FTL (Fast Translator Library), enabling higher simulation performance, e.g. outperforming the current de facto industry standard QEMU by more than 2x. SIM-V supports Continuous Integration scenarios, where slow Virtual Platforms prohibit testing of every commit, and often only one daily run is possible, making it hard to pinpoint which exact change introduced the faulty behavior. At Embedded World 2023, MachineWare will announce and demonstrate the first RISC-V based Virtual Platform with full support for Android 12. This will facilitate early software development for numerous upcoming embedded devices based on RISC-V chips

Demo Theatre Talks at Embedded World:


Title: Early RISC-V Software Verification with SIM-V

Speaker: Lukas Jünger, Managing Director, MachineWare GmbH

Details: Tuesday March 14, 2023 10:00 – 10:15 CET, Hall 4A, Stand 4A-620

Abstract: The RISC-V eco system is extremely dynamic. New processors and extensions are introduced at a high rate. At the same time, huge amounts of software are developed for, or ported to these new targets. Verifying the correct functionality of new software stacks is of paramount importance to release RISC-V products on-time and bug-free.This talk will introduce you to SIM-V, MachineWare’s fast RISC-V simulator for early software development and verification. With SIM-V large software stacks can be brought up and verified long before first prototypes are available.


Title: RISC-V Android Bring-Up using SIM-V

Speaker: Lukas Jünger, Managing Director, MachineWare GmbH

Details: Wednesday March 15, 2023 10:30 – 10:45 CET, Hall 4A, Stand 4A-620

Abstract: Today’s embedded software stacks are growing larger and larger every year. Booting an unmodified Android image requires executing more than 100 billion instructions and vendor-specific Android images even more. To verify these enormous amounts of software within reasonable time before physical prototypes are available, high-performance simulators are the go-to tool. This talk will give an introduction to verifying RISC-V Android using MachineWare’s high-performance SIM-V simulator.

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