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RISC-V Announces Agenda for 2023 RISC-V Summit Europe

The first-ever RISC-V Summit Europe includes keynotes, technical talks, working groups, poster sessions, networking opportunities, and more 


RISC-V International will host its first annual RISC-V Summit Europe from Monday, 5 June to Friday, 9 June 2023 in Barcelona, Spain. RISC-V has seen a ton of momentum in Europe, and around 33 percent of our membership is based in Europe. The RISC-V Summit Europe will connect the trailblazers that are building the future of innovation on RISC-V in Europe and beyond. We welcome all members of the RISC-V ecosystem – including those from industry, government, research, and academia – to join us.  

The main body of the conference is comprised of a single track of keynotes with invited and selected talks, alongside an exhibition showcasing the latest developments across industry and research. Below is an overview of the schedule:

  • Monday, 5 June: Technical Working Group Meetings 
  • Conference Day 1 – Tuesday, 6 June: Automotive, Security, Safety 
  • Conference Day 2 – Wednesday, 7 June: HPC, Data Center, AI/ML, State of RISC-V in Europe 
  • Conference Day 3 – Thursday, 8 June: Open Hardware and Software 
  • Friday, 9 June: Public Workshops & Consortium Community Sponsored Events & Meetings

The combination of strong industry and academic communities has driven the growth of RISC-V in Europe and is critical to the continued success of the ecosystem. As a result, the event will cater to both commercial and research applications, with a focus on critical European market segments including aerospace, AI/ML, automotive, data center, embedded, HPC, security, and more.

Additionally, government officials will be participating to showcase the larger RISC-V efforts across different countries. Roland Weigand of the European Space Agency (ESA) will be giving a keynote about why ESA recommends that the space community standardize on RISC-V across the full range of applications, from microcontrollers to HPC. Matthew Xuereb of the European Commission will discuss how the European Chips Act is driving RISC-V efforts across the region.  

We would like to give a special shout-out to the RISC-V Summit Europe 2023 Diamond Sponsors: Andes Technology, Antmicro, Codasip, Imperas Software Ltd., OpenHW Group, Semidynamics, and Ventana Micro Systems. We also sincerely thank the Gold Sponsors – Agile Analog, CEA, Frontgrade Gaisler, Microchip Technology, and The Technology Innovation Institute – and the Silver Sponsors – Axelera AI, Axiomise, Codethink, E4 Computer Engineering, Esperanto Technologies, HiPEAC, IC Resources, IRT Nanoelec, lowRISC, MIPS, and Synopsys. View our full list of sponsors here.  

To register for the event, which takes place at the Hotel Barcelo Sants in Barcelona from 5-9 June, please visit here.

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