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World’s First RISC-V Pad with LTE Launched by DeepComputing at RISC-V Summit 2023

Author: DeepComputing

At the recent RISC-V Summit North America, RISC-V innovation pioneer DeepComputing unveiled their latest product – the world’s first RISC-V Pad which can make calls with LTE.


The Pad is equipped with a 64bit U74*4 1.5GHz SoC and Debian OS pre-installed (their next generation will support Android). This trailblazing device has 8G of memory and a 10.1-inch screen. It also features a built-in AI voice assistant and supports 4G LTE Internet access and call functions, convincingly demonstrating the potential for future development of RISC-V in the mobile field. 

The Summit saw RISC-V International set up a Launchpad session for the first time, inviting companies to showcase their latest solutions to help promote the development of the open computing era. While CEO Liang Yuning was on stage showcasing DeepComputing’s latest achievements, the host, RISC-V International’s Marketing Director Tiffany Sparks, suddenly heard her phone ring with a surprise phone call! Check out the fun moment here:

Tiffany Sparks, RISC-V International Director of Marketing and Yuning Liang, DeepComputing CEO

During the event, DeepComputing’s CEO Yuning Liang paid a visit to Prof. David Patterson who tried out the new RISC-V Pad by making calls to his family. It was a great moment for all to see Prof. Patterson’s research results being applied and hear how delighted he was to see such achievements in the adoption and implementation of RISC-V.

Companies such as DeepComputing are rapidly contributing to the RISC-V hardware and software ecosystem despite many difficulties and challenges. Yuning also presented Prof. Patterson with the world’s first native RISC-V laptop, the DC-ROMA in appreciation of his unwavering support for the RISC-V community for many years.

Prof. David Patterson and DeepComputing Team

The DC-ROMA RISC-V Pad will begin shipping in Q1 2024. Pay them a visit at the DeepComputing online store for more details.

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