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Advanced RISC-V Training Course | Maven Silicon – RISC-V Global Training Partner

By Sivakumar P R

In this video, our Founder and CEO, Mr. P R Sivakumar, explains how he has authored the new RISC-V training course and how we use this advanced RISC-V course to upskill your engineers on various project-based requirements like RISC-V IP RTL design and verification, RISC-V embedded microcontroller and SoC design and verification, and RISC-V firmware and software development. 

As a global training partner of RISC-V International, we are now ready with our new RISC-V Training course to upskill your Design Engineers, Verification Engineers, and Embedded Systems Programmers on RISC-V. 

Watch the video here – Advanced RISC-V Training Course

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