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RISC-V Technical Leadership Update

By April 4, 2024No Comments

By: Calista Redmond

During the past four years RISC-V has undergone tremendous growth and transformation, both as an organization and in our leadership globally to progress opportunity and innovation in semiconductor standards. We credit our progress to the technical bedrock laid by our founders, our core team of technical chairs and staff, and the dedication, contributions, and collaboration of our vast technical community. 

Mark Himelstein, RISC-V Chief Technology Officer, has been instrumental in our journey. Mark has led our technical staff and engaged our technical community for the last four years throughout our period of growth and transformation. He has led with thoughtful engagement, accelerated ratifications, enabled industry adoption, and cultivated technical leaders across the community. It is with gratitude, that I announce Mark will be resigning from his role, effective May 2, 2024, with plans to resume his consulting practice. 

We appreciate the leadership and contributions that Mark has given to RISC-V and will miss having him in the core team. During his tenure, the RISC-V technical community has grown to nearly 15,000 engineers and business leaders around the world, collaborating in more than 70 different work groups and committees, progressing and ratifying standards that the world will depend on for generations of computing to come. We have much to celebrate in our accomplishments together, including more than 40 ratified specifications in the past two years alone.

A note from Mark:

When I joined RISC-V on June 1, 2020, I committed myself to three years and I am now at nearly four years and it is time for me to return to my consulting practice.

I am very proud of the work we have achieved together at RISC-V including over 40 ratified specifications, created profiles for application portability between RISC-V implementations, growing the technical organization from 15 to over 70 groups, recruiting incredible member leaders, and leaving an amazing roadmap including matrix operations, trusted execution, control flow integrity, overall security model, server platform specification, and more.

I look forward to seeing the continued success for RISC-V in the future. I will always be proud of my work at RISC-V.

The collective leadership of our technical community leaders and staff ensures that our important work will continue building on the momentum we’ve already achieved. As we turn our sights to the future, we have opened a job opportunity for a VP of Technology to join the RISC-V team and welcome applications.

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