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AI, Collaboration, Security and More: Women Speak on Key Topics at RISC-V Summit International

By June 23, 2024No Comments

In recognition of International Women in Engineering Day on June 23, we want to shine the spotlight on some of the outstanding women in the RISC-V community who are sharing their expertise at the RISC-V Summit Europe 2024, happening in Munich, Germany from June 24-28.  These talented individuals make invaluable contributions to RISC-V, and we are privileged to collaborate with them. At the Summit, their wisdom and expertise will be on display. 

These contributors include Dr. Teresa Cervero, a leading figure in the RISC-V community and Leading Research Engineer at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. You may recognize her from our previous blog highlighting Women in RISC-V. Dr. Cervero is involved as a speaker, panelist, and committee member. On Wednesday, Dr. Cervero will present her talk “RISC-V@BSC: Fostering RISC-V strategy in the EU through Research, Innovation & Education” and participate in the panel discussion on “How can Europe engage more in RISC-V?” 

“RISC-V community is amazing! It is very active, dynamic, and grows day by day. Every single person in the community is excited about RISC-V! People love to show, discuss, teach, learn, and share results.” – Dr. Teresa Cervero Garcia, Barcelona Supercomputing Center 

Also joining the panel discussion is Dr. Alexandra Kourfali, the Programme Manager for Research and Innovation at EuroHPC Joint Undertaking. The panel will explore Europe’s opportunities and challenges in adopting RISC-V, and discuss strategies to promote widespread adoption within the region. Dr. Cervero and Dr. Kourfali will offer valuable insights, along with other panelists, on how Europe can strategically embrace RISC-V to foster innovation and competitiveness in the region.

Dr. Gianna Paulin, a distinguished Computer Architecture Engineer at Axelera AI, will share her expertise during the Accelerating AI Innovation with RISC-V panel discussion, on Tuesday, June 25. During this panel, experts such as Dr. Paulin will discuss how the RISC-V ISA is revolutionizing AI advancements, from edge computing to cloud solutions, through innovative software and hardware co-design. Also, Dr. Paulin will participate in the Innovation Forum on Thursday, June 26, focusing on how the freedom of design enabled by RISC-V is setting off a wave of global innovation. This session will feature innovators from around the world sharing how RISC-V facilitates innovation differentiation.

Another panel features Makeljana Shkurti, Growth Strategy and Ecosystem Relations at VRULL GmbH. We featured her in another previous blog post, but at this panel, Makeljana will tackle the topic of Harnessing the Power of Collaboration Across Continents and Markets. Makeljana and other panelists will share their experience with optimizing collaboration efforts across continents and markets, successfully including diverse perspectives to accelerate creativity and innovation.  

“We strive to preserve the vitality of RISC-V by fostering an environment where differentiation encourages innovation. This approach is about enriching the ecosystem, not fragmenting it. Through our commitment to enabling diverse extensions, we ensure that RISC-V can adapt and thrive, reflecting the dynamic nature of technological progress.” – Makeljana Shkurti, Growth Strategy and Ecosystem Relations at VRULL GmbH

Presenting as an invited speaker, Johanna Baehr, a Research Associate at Fraunhofer AISEC, will discuss on Thursday the compatibility and potential benefits of combining RISC-V with Trusted Electronics, and explore how this partnership can enhance security and reliability in electronic systems.

We look forward to hearing from these inspirational women and welcoming the global RISC-V community at RISC-V Summit Europe 2024, starting Monday. You can still register for this premier industry event at  

RISC-V has opened the Call for Proposals for the North America Summit. If you are unable to make it to Summit Europe, the North America Summit is your chance. More information can be found here.

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