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RISC-V in Brazil: Leading the Open Compute Era in Latin America

By June 20, 2024No Comments

On June 14th, 2024, the Eldorado Research Institute in Campinas, São Paulo, hosted the RISC-V Brazil event. This gathering brought together over 200 professionals, researchers, and students from 86 different companies, both private and public. Among the attendees was Luciana Santos, the Brazilian Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, who emphasized the importance of Brazil’s membership in RISC-V International.


Minister Santos highlighted, “For Brazil, becoming a member of RISC-V International is another step in our journey to strengthen our ecosystem of national companies and researchers. It also contributes to alleviating bottlenecks and expanding the semiconductor supply chain. Today, structuring projects between Brazil and other countries are being developed to create high-complexity integrated circuits (ICs) based on RISC-V, promoting an unprecedented opportunity for technological autonomy in strategic areas in Brazil, such as aerospace, defense, agribusiness, energy transition, and environmental preservation.”

Brazil, via its Ministry of Science and Technology is a Premier Member of RISC-V International. 

The event featured presentations from key industry leaders. Calista Redmond, CEO of RISC-V International, and Balaji Baktha, CEO of Ventana Micro Systems, discussed the inevitability of RISC-V and its impact on the industry. Alessandro Campos from the Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation outlined Brazil’s strategy on semiconductors, HPC, and AI. Companies like Cadence and design houses such as Chipus, Lumentum, and Hwit shared insights on RISC-V’s applications in their respective fields. Academic contributions included innovative projects from UFRGS, Eldorado Institute and Unicamp, and University of São Paulo. Additionally, case studies from Von Braun Labs and Expertise Solutions demonstrated practical applications of RISC-V technology, highlighting its versatility and potential. The event concluded with a session led by the Eldorado Institute, summarizing the key takeaways and future directions.

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