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2023 RISC-V Taipei Day

October 12, 2023

IC Tech in the AI ​​Era

AI development has reached a critical turning point. Large Language Models (LLMs) have attracted great attention recently and require a lot of calculations for AI model training and inference. In the current AI era, IC design will face huge challenges. It will become increasingly difficult to meet performance, power consumption, area and cost goals by continuously shrinking semiconductor processes. Huge computing demands have brought about demands for high performance, high bandwidth and high energy efficiency. Complex IC designs have also increased design costs and the need for highly skilled talents.

AI also brings new opportunities. AI can give new functions to IC products and may also become a key tool for improving efficiency in the IC industry. In addition, open source processor architecture can provide powerful and flexible design components to implement complex AI computing architecture. These have brought revolutionary new opportunities to the IC industry!

The “IC Tech in the AI ​​Era” series of events to be held on the 2nd floor of the Taipei International Convention Center on October 12, 2023 will include a morning session, CASIF Taipei 2023 hosted by IEEE CAS Taipei, with the theme focusing on IC design in the AI ​​era Difficulties and challenges, through expert speeches and discussions from TSMC and MediaTek, we jointly discuss future directions and opportunities. In the afternoon session, the 2023 RISC-V Taipei Day hosted by the Taiwan RISC-V Alliance will discuss how the RISC-V open source processor architecture empowers complex IC systems and AI computing architecture in the AI ​​era. This series of events is extremely valuable and anyone interested in learning about the most advanced IC technology is welcome to participate. The event is free to attend and lunch will be served.

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