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Semiconductor Engineering Article: Predictions: Manufacturing, Devices And Companies

By January 18, 2018May 12th, 2021No Comments

RISC-V surprised many during 2017. Can it continue? “In 2018, the semiconductor industry will continue to see strong demand for products in new, innovative applications and implementations of free, open architecture design,” says Rick O’Connor, executive director of the RISC-V Foundation. “We’ll see companies leverage open-source architectures for Artificial Intelligence and machine learning applications – such as voice-based services, which are reshaping the way we get information, and autonomous vehicles, which are revolutionizing transportation – in addition to blockchain technology applications, which have the potential to transform the financial sector, the health care industry, and beyond. The possibilities for an open, free architecture are endless, so the industry must be ready to embrace the impact of this ISA, which is rapidly gaining momentum with more than 100 RISC-V ecosystem members and new products shipping regularly across the globe.”
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