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Semiconductor Engineering Article: Reflection On 2017: Design And EDA

By January 4, 2018May 12th, 2021No Comments

People love to make predictions, and most of the time they have it easy, but at Semiconductor Engineering, we ask them to look back on the predictions they make each year and to assess how close to the mark they were. We see what they missed and what surprised them. Not everyone accepts our offer to grade themselves, but most have this year. (Part one looked at the predictions associated with semiconductor manufacturing and end markets. If there was one key aspect to the predictions for 2017, it was that ‘systems’ would become a greater focus, both for design and verification. “Systems and IP will be the watchwords in 2017 as the semiconductor design ecosystem advances from chip-centric (integration of transistors) design to system-centric (integration of functional blocks) design,” predicted Bob Smith, executive director of the Electronic System Design Alliance (ESDA).
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