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The Register Article: Google Gives Its $1m Turing Prize To, Er, Top Google Bods: RISC Men Hennessy, Patterson

By March 21, 2018May 12th, 2021No Comments

The two engineers who further developed and popularized the concept of RISC microprocessors have won the 2017 ACM Turing Award.
Professors John Hennessy and David Patterson were today announcedas this year’s (or last year’s, if you want to be particular about it) winners of the prestigious honor named after Brit super-boffin Alan Turing.
They’ll get to split a $1m prize, courtesy of Google. Hennessy happens to be the executive chairman of Google parent Alphabet, and Patterson works on the Google Brain team, it must be said. Hennessy has already confirmed he’ll be donating his winnings to educational projects.
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