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Dolphin Integration Joins The RISC-V Foundation

By May 14, 2018May 12th, 2021No Comments

Dolphin Integration, a major leader in energy efficient Systems-on-Chip, has announced it has recently joined the RISC-V Foundation.
The RISC-V Foundation, a non-profit corporation controlled by its members, directs the future development and drives the adoption of the RISC-V ISA. Originating in academia and research, RISC-V is a free and open ISA enabling a new era of processor innovation through open standard collaboration.
Dolphin Integration will contribute to the expansion and adoption of RISC-V in the IoT market. Its added value to the growing RISC-V ecosystem relies on the IDE SmartVision, integrating a RISC-V subsystem, and its energy efficient IP portfolio. SmartVision is an open environment allowing the design of complete subsystems based on processor cores and peripherals. By adding the support of RISC-V through its RV32 Tornado SoC subsystem, Dolphin Integration offers a complete turnkey solution to configure and optimize ultra-low power SoCs.
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