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Embedded Computing Design Article: RISC-V Arrives

By June 25, 2018May 12th, 2021No Comments

In SiFive’s pizzeria-esque vision, a customer visits a website and begins a template-driven process not unlike a standing up a virtual environment in the cloud. First, select from a basic offering of processor cores, complete with standard peripherals already onboard. Next, stop at the marketplace and grab some third-party components. Finally, top it all off with your own value-added custom IP. Toss the whole thing in the oven, and voila—a billion custom chips roll off the line.
At the heart of this process are RISC-V processor cores, RISC-V, the open-source instruction set architecture (ISA) out of U.C. Berkeley, has been on something of a tear lately. The RISC-V Foundation roster has grown to more than 100 members, including major tech drivers like Google, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and Samsung. RISC-V pioneer David Patterson (along with his colleague John Hennessy) was recently recognized by the Association for Computing Machinery with its prestigious A.M. Turing Award for his contributions to computer architecture design.
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