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UltraSoC Blog: RISC-V Is About To Open The Door To A Wave Of New Chip Startups In India

By July 11, 2018May 12th, 2021No Comments

CTO Gajinder Panesar looks ahead to the RISC-V Workshop in Chennai and the opportunity for India.
Last year, we suggested that there’s a growing appetite in China for RISC-V, a suggestion that has turned out to have been spot on.
Next week, on the 18th and 19th July, a RISC-V Workshop will be held at the India Institute of Technology Madras, in Chennai.  I’ll be presenting on the topic of: It’s not about the core: It’s about the system‘.
Why India, and what’s so exciting about the opportunity? Well, India has a history of strong design capabilities – many of the world’s biggest chip companies have large engineering teams based there. More recently, these teams have started taking on increasing responsibility for innovation and design fundamentals – many are now working on core architecture. Some of the engineers, having spent time in the US or other parts of the world working in tier one semiconductor corporations, are heading back to India with an appetite to ‘design’ their own future.
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