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Focus Article: RISC-V Is Slowly "Changing The World"

By August 24, 2018May 12th, 2021No Comments

“Our modest goal is to become the industry standard for all computing devices. Our small goal is to be the industry standard for all computing platforms” – Krste Asańovic, Chairman of RISC-V
In the past two years, RISC-V has received extensive attention and attention from academia and industry, and the industry recognition of RISC-V architecture has rapidly increased. The RISC-V Foundation has absorbed more than 100 corporate members including mainstream companies such as Google, Qualcomm, Apple and Tesla. Western technology, AMD, Micron, Google, Samsung and other foreign technology giants are using RISC-V to do some chip projects; Huawei, ZTE and other domestic large enterprises, as well as some small and medium-sized enterprises and maker groups have joined the RISC-V Foundation.
Recently, RISC-V Day Shanghai was successfully held, and the one-day seminar brought together a total of 16 lectures, large and small. The hummingbirds from AndesTech, SiFive, Syntacore, Codasip and from China are mainly focused on commercial and open source RISC-V CPU IP, and discuss topics such as processor architecture research, processor security and ecosystems. 341 guests from 120 companies and 26 universities registered to participate in the RISC-V Day event.
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