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Electronics Weekly Article: UltraSoC Launches UltraDevelop 2 IDE

By October 16, 2018May 12th, 2021No Comments

Incorporating technology from UltraSoC partners Imperas and Percepio, UltraDevelop 2 unleashes the potential of UltraSoC’s system-level on-chip monitoring and analytics infrastructure, providing actionable insights to dramatically cut development costs, shorten time-to-revenue and improve product quality.
The new UltraDevelop tools suite delivers a holistic, system-level approach to SoC development and debug, allowing engineers to view and analyze the interlinked behavior of hardware, firmware and software at any level of abstraction – and to interactively switch between views and tools depending on the task at hand. UltraSoC’s newly developed data science extensions offer advanced capabilities such as anomaly detection, heat mapping and root cause analysis.
The tools include a library of debug adapters to enable real-time run control of more than 20 processor core architectures from multiple vendors, including Arm, MIPS and RISC-V (as implemented by Andes, Esperanto and SiFive), among others.
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