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Nikkei Electronics Article: Optimize Both Open Source Waves, Soft And Hard To Microcontrollers

By October 19, 2018May 12th, 2021No Comments

IBM Research made a prototype compact and low-power consumption RISC-V based microcontroller used for edge computing. Using the simple structure of the RISC-V architecture, we confirmed that it is a processor with a power consumption of about 0.2 mW and a chip area of 0.076 mm. In this paper, we will explain trial and error, choice selection, and evaluation at the time of development of trial processors in two steps. The period required for trial production is less than a year. By using open source implementation, we confirmed that we can develop processors that match various applications quickly.
IBM Research conducts fundamental research on elemental technologies required to reach the next generation of edge computing. Specifically, it is the development of a device that integrates the processor core, memory, communication function, power supply function, etc. to the area equivalent and to the current RFID (Radio Frequency IDentifier) ​​chip. In order to deal with diverse applications, users need versatility that they can program freely and incorporate new functions.
To read more, please visit: note the article is in Japanese.

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