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Phoronix Article: C-SKY Architecture Approved For The Linux Kernel, Might Be The Last New CPU Arch

By October 29, 2018May 12th, 2021No Comments

The Chinese C-SKY 32-bit CPU architecture will be added to the in-development Linux 4.20~5.0 kernel as the last new CPU architecture ever to be added to the mainline Linux kernel.
On Sunday, before deciding on merging the new C-SKY CPU support code to the kernel, Linus Torvalds was looking for long-time low-level kernel developer Arnd Bergmann to comment on the code. He gave his approval to these patches that add over 11k lines of code to enable this CPU architecture. With that sign-off, Torvalds now looks poised to merge the new architecture.
We have been covering C-SKY the past number of months as this code has gone through multiple rounds of revisions. If you missed the previous articles on it including the one just this past weekend, C-SKY is another domestic CPU effort in China and this architecture is intended for use in low-power SoCs like cameras, media boxes, DVRs, printers, and other consumer devices. The company has also been plumbing C-SKY support into the rest of the Linux/open-source stack including GCC, glibc, and other toolchain components. C-SKY is a member of the RISC-V Foundation but this architecture being added now is their own original design.
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