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Apacer Launches 32-Bit SODIMM For Arm & RISC-V Systems

By November 27, 2018May 12th, 2021No Comments

Apacer has announced a lineup of 32-bit SO-DIMMs designed for systems based on processors featuring Arm, RISC, or RISC-V architectures. The memory modules will enable SoC developers to take advantage of capacity and performance flexibility offered by modular memory solutions.
Memory organization is a bit different between x86 and Arm/RISC-V based systems. The former typically feature one or more 64-bit memory interfaces to connect one or more 64-bit memory modules (or just a set of DRAM chips) in a bid to maximize raw memory bandwidth and capacity. By contrast, Arm or RISC-V powered SoCs use one or more 16-bit memory interfaces for granularity, power, and efficiency (to maximize channel utilization and effective memory bandwidth) reasons. Since the vast majority of Arm or RISC-V based systems are either mobile or special purpose, most of the memory subsystems are custom-designed with only a handful of SoCs featuring “wide” memory interfaces. As a result, most of them cannot use industry-standard 64-bit DIMMs and rely on soldered down memory.
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