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Western Digital SweRVs Towards Open Source With New RISC-V Core, ISS, And Cache Coherency

By December 19, 2018May 12th, 2021No Comments
Is open source changing the way we manage data? Western Digital, a data storage device company, switched to RISC-V’s open-source ISA (instruction set architecture) a year ago. This month, they announced a series of open-source, collaborative initiatives that aim to make data more open, from processor cores to memory caches.

At the inaugural RISC-V summit this December, there were many announcements and presentations detailing the state of RISC-V and its impact—present and future—on the industry.
Western Digital, a company best known for data storage devices, is one of the companies in the growing RISC-V environment. One year ago, they announced that they were moving to RISC-V. Now, they’re doubling down on their commitment to this open source architecture, aiming to facilitate new innovation and help lead the charge into the future of data processing and, eventually, data storage.
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