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Hex Five Security Blog Post: Hex Five’s Don Barnetson Joins RISC-V Foundation Marketing Committee As Co-Chair

By January 11, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

Hex Five’s Don Barnetson is excited to join the RISC-V Foundation Marketing Committee as Co-Chair with Ted Marena.  As early supporters of RISC-V, we have seen it develop from a small group of technical evangelists to the community of over 200 companies and thousands of individuals we have today.
The technical accomplishments that are the RISC-V specifications need to be matched by an equally impressive marketing effort in order to address the commercial barriers that a new technology faces.
RISC-V has been blessed with some really innovative companies that have nearly single-handedly driven RISC-V commercial adoption.  This is awesome and is how many communities get started; but to maintain RISC-V’s growth rate we need to broaden this work to include move views and companies.
Broadening does not necessarily mean slowing down, but it does require more work up front in alignment so that the burden of execution can be carried more broadly.  The RISC-V Foundation has a key role to play here in driving this effort.
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