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Andes Technology Records 1 Billion SoC Shipments In 2018 Containing Its CPU IP And 3.5 Billion Since Inception

By February 19, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

As the first public listed CPU IP company in Asia, specializing in low-power, high-performance 32/64-bit processor IP cores and SoC platform, Andes Technology Corporation announced an extraordinary record of 1 billion annual SoC shipments containing its CPU IP in 2018. The cumulative SoC shipments surpassed 3.5 billion. Applications in which Andes CPU IP performs include AI and machine learning, audio, Bluetooth, gaming, GPS, MCU, sensor fusion, SSD controllers, touch screen and TDDI controllers, USB 3.0 storage, voice recognition, Wi-Fi, and wireless charger.

Andes President, Frankwell Lin declared, “The shipments of SoC embedded with Andes CPU cores have been experiencing remarkable growth from 430 million in 2016 to 590 million in 2017 and further to 1 billion in 2018 at an annual growth rates of 37 percent and 69 percent, respectively. This data demonstrate that Andes’ product development and service practice is solid and mature, and our comprehensive solutions and competitive technologies enable customers to enter their market with strong product offerings. Andes continues to focus on processor IP development to bring more and better products and solutions to market. As more and more customers start mass production of their SoCs, we believe the SoC shipment volumes and associated royalties of Andes IP will continue growing at the accelerating rate demonstrated up to now.”

“With the SoC challenges driven by ever-increasing and diversified product requirements in the market, Andes aims to become our customers’ ‘Trusted Computing Expert’ to help tackle their computing needs. We will continue leveraging our 13 years of experience in developing and supporting our own ISA to enhance our new V5 RISC-V processor series.  In the process, we will maintain compliance with the emerging open RISC-V architecture, while leading the RISC-V solution trend to become a world-class processor IP supplier!” President Lin said, “Going forward, Andes will actively assist customers in developing products in the emerging markets of AIoT, AR/VR, automotive, machine/deep learning, robotics, etc.

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