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EET China Article: What Medicine Is Sold In The Flat-Headed Gourd That Is Backed By Alibaba?

By February 1, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

Taiwanese companies, including Macro Microelectronics and Jurui Electronics, have cooperated with Alibaba Zhongtian Microsystems and developed RF and Bluetooth related products. In addition to low-end to high-end 32-bit embedded CPU products, Alibaba Zhongtian Microsystems also launched a new series for the open source RISC-V architecture in China. Chen Chen, senior manager of the CPU department of Alibaba Zhongtian Microsystems, said that the RISC-V ecosystem has just begun to sprout. Alibaba Zhongtian Microsystems alone cannot expand the RISC-V ecosystem, but RISC- V is the “Great Revolution” that all Chinese industries are carrying out. In the future, if coupled with the power of the Alibaba Group, the influence of RISC-V will be able to expand.
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