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EEWorld Article: AdaCore Expands RISC-V Ecosystem

By February 12, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

AdaCore has joined the RISC-V Foundation, bringing Ada and Spark programming languages to the forefront of the technologies available to RISC-V developers. AdaCore’s initial product offerings include GNAT Pro Ada and GNAT Pro C, targeting bare metal RISC-V 32-bit and 64-bit architectures, and the GNAT Community Edition for bare metal RISC-V 32-bit configurations.
The RISC-V Foundation is a nonprofit organization chartered to standardize and promote the free and open RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISA), along with its hardware and software ecosystem. The RISC-V ISA can be implemented through either open or proprietary architectures, offering silicon designers a cleanly designed assembly language associated with an existing software ecosystem.
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