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Hackaday Article: Building A RISC-V Desktop

By February 11, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

If you want to talk about RISC-V, the open source instruction set for CPUs, you’re probably talking about microcontrollers. Deep in the pipeline are cores for something resembling SoCs, the kind you’d find in desktop NAS solutions, maybe a few routers, and smart TVs. Andrew Back built a RISC-V desktop computer that runs Linux with HDMI and USB, as well as a graphics card.This is a desktop, running with a RISC-V core.
The core of this build is the HiFive Unleashed, a Linux-capable board from SiFive, makers of the first production RISC-V microcontroller. This board uses the Freedom U540 SOC built with a 28nm process, has 8GB of DDR4, and 32MB of Flash. For a board built on an open architecture this is impressive, but it comes at a cost: the HiFive Unleashed ran for $1000 during its crowdfunding campaign.
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