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Bluespec Co-Hosts Captivating Boston RISC-V Technical Symposium

By March 22, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

Bluespec, Inc, recently co-hosted the captivating Boston RISC-V Technical Symposium, an event offering a unique educational opportunity for individuals from the Boston area to explore the rapidly expanding RISC-V movement.
Bluespec’s CTO, Rishiyur Nikhil, kicked off the conference with the RISC-V History and State of the Union, which detailed the origins of RISC-V, its increased utilization, and its expanding community. As the RISC-V Foundation ISA Formal Spec Task Group Chair, Nikhil spoke about the fundamental features of RISC-V that have allowed its exponential growth, such as the stable, simple, and community-driven design. Because it is open source, RISC-V continues to advance through the contributions of its community members. In his presentation, Nikhil emphasized how the RISC-V Foundation encourages all forms of involvement from those who are interested in collaborating.
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