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Digitized House Article: Future Connected Home Devices Likely To Be Powered By New Processor Architectures

By March 29, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

Most home-centric electronics products demand low power at cost aggressive prices. Given that, the processor which is selected for many designs is undergoing a major transformation. The force behind this fundamental change is known as RISC-V (Reduced Instruction Set Computing – 5th iteration). RISC-V—pronounced “risk five”—is an open, free ISA (instruction set architecture).
What does that mean? An ISA includes the available set of commands that a processor has to execute. With RISC-V, all of these instructions are open and available for anyone to use. This is very different from today’s leading processor architectures, where the chip makers solely dictate what their processors support and what they do not.
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