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FierceWireless Article: Open Source Silicon Project Innovates Chips In Communications Networks

By March 12, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

A group of organizations involved with semiconductor innovation intends to form a new open source project, the CHIPS Alliance, which will be hosted by the Linux Foundation. The project will focus on developing open source code relevant to the design of silicon devices, which could include a variety of communications devices such as baseband units, network switches or edge computers.
CHIPS, which stands for Common Hardware for Interfaces, Processors and Systems, will accelerate the creation of more efficient and flexible chip designs for use in networks and devices. The initial founding organizations are Esperanto, Google, SiFive and Western Digital.
The CHIPS Alliance is committed to both open source hardware and continued momentum behind the free and open RISC-V (pronounced risk-five) architecture. RISC-V is an initiative to create an open instruction set architecture. Some chips, such as Intel’s x86, use complex instruction set computing (CISC) architecture. And some chips, including many Arm-based chips, use reduced instruction set computing (RISC). The RISC-V group adopts the RISC nomenclature, adding the Roman numeral V. RISC-V hopes to enable a new era of processor innovation through open collaboration on an open source instruction set.
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