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Hackaday Article: NES On RISC-V

By March 14, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

RISC-V architecture might change the world, but it runs an NES emulator right now. That’s thanks to MaixPy, the new MicroPython for the K210, the recently released RISC-V microcontroller that’s making waves in the community. Robot Zero One has the tutorial and Other Dave of EEVBlog has a video of the product in action.
The Sipeed K210 came to the English-speaking world in the form of a pre-order development on Taobao last October promising a dual-core RISC-V CPU for just a few bucks. Seeed, the same people who brought the ESP8266 into mass distribution quickly latched on and started selling modules last February. Now, Seeed is looking at a Raspberry Pi hat using a Sipeed module, and the future for RISC-V microcontrollers is looking great. Now someone just needs to write some software. That’s exactly what the engineers at Sipeed did, and somewhere in one of the released binaries there’s an NES emulator.
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