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SemiWiki Article: A Preview Of Spring Symposium On AIoT

By March 6, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

The trend of AI augmentation into many facets of silicon based hardware applications is on the rise. During the CASPA press conference in Santa Clara last week, Silvaco CEO David Dutton and SiFive VP, GM Christopher Moezzi were present to share their insights.
Silvaco CEO David Dutton mentioned that we are in new era in which many decisions in our day-to-day life will be augmented by views from compute based analytics such as traffic heads-up every morning to fit one schedule. This augmented era will bring society to new level of productivity. It also comes with the need of increasing improvements in the AI related technologies. It is a high growth segment in China, with over 30 AI startups and counting. He will be elaborating more on this in his upcoming presentation at this week CASPA Spring Symposium.
Chris Moezzi from SiFive was also very upbeat on the growth trend of SiFive and the RISC-V ecosystem. He pointed out the three verticals in the semiconductor industry: client segment (such as drones, IoTs, AR/VR, smartphone), data center (cloud, edge) and auto-vehicles (with ADAS). With IoT fragmented markets: a faster and cheaper development cycle is needed. His view on product customization is that it takes only 10% or so for differentiation, while 90% can be pre-selected early (as IPs). He will also elaborate more on this coming symposium as well.
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