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TechNews Article: China Actively Develops Its Own CPU, Can RISC-V Assist?

By March 13, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

The RISC-V topic has been hot since last year, and China and Taiwan have successively established industrial alliances. In recent years, China has invested heavily in raising the semiconductor self-management rate, and has a lot of ambitions for mastering CPU technology. Therefore, the RISC-V open source architecture is relatively flexible and independent. For the RISC-V Foundation, building an ecosystem will be the key to development, so China’s attitude is definitely one of the priorities to observe.
From the case of Taiwan, Andes Technology is one of the few manufacturers to develop microprocessor IP with RISC-V architecture. From last year to this year, it has also launched new products based on RISC-V architecture. The company said that compared with Taiwan, in order to increase the self-made rate of chips, China has a high willingness to adopt RISC-V with high flexibility and autonomy. Under the influence of subsidy policy, it has good assistance for business promotion. It is understood that even in China’s new case, more than half of the products are locked in AI technology, and it is not difficult to detect that China is still very active in the development of the semiconductor industry.
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