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Electronic Design Article: Electronic Design Products Of The Week (4/8-4/12)

By April 10, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

Here’s Part 2 of our round-up of standout embedded and test products from the recent Embedded World 2019. Highlighted products range from an automotive network stack to a 32-Mpixel image sensor to an IoT stack for RISC-V.
wolfSSL, a provider of TLS cryptography, and Hex-Five Security, developer of MultiZone Security, have partnered to bring what’s claimed as an industry-first secure IoT stack for RISC-V. The move brings a TLS 1.3 reference application of FreeRTOS with hardware-enforced separation between OS, TCP/IP, and Roots of Trust (RoT). Hex-Five Security’s MultiZone Security compartmentalizes the monolithic firmware into an unlimited amount of physically isolated zones, which prevents attacks to the system from propagating to the rest of the platform and compromising the security layers.
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