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Electronics360 Article: Four Reasons To Use RISC-V For Aerospace And Defense Applications

By April 30, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

As aerospace and defense firms look toward developing future air and space platforms, they are making decisions about which hardware and software elements to use in their designs.
One significant design choice is the underlying instruction set architecture (ISA) that defines the interface between the software and hardware for a computer processor.
A relatively new ISA called RISC-V has emerged as an open source alternative to commercial ISAs.
RISC-V is an extensible, widely available, modern ISA designed to support efficient, high-performance computing. Although RISC-V is new, it is experiencing rapid adoption thanks to its open license, efficient design and burgeoning development resources like emulators, debuggers and operating system support. RISC-V may represent a viable option for chip designs in many industries, but may be particularly well suited for aerospace and defense applications for at least four reasons, including: verifiable security, frozen base specification for long-term stability, designed for extensibility and innovation and open source and no licensing fees.
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