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HiNet Article: This Year's RISC-V New Licensing Contract Is Expected To Double The Growth Of Andes Technology's Annual Revenue And Double-Digit Growth

By April 19, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

The RISC-V architecture is increasingly valued by the industry. The number of RISC-V new license contracts and overall revenue is expected to double this year. The RISC-V licenses accounted for a quarter of last year’s revenue, and this year’s share is expected to increase as well.
The RISC-V architecture has gradually gained market attention. Lin Zhiming, general manager of Andes Technology, said that more than one-third of the 21 RISC-V solution licenses signed were awarded to Chinese manufacturers while the other third was Taiwanese. The remaining licenses are distributed to the United States, South Korea and Japan.
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