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TechTarget Article: Open Source Virtualization Expands VM Hardware And OS Options

By April 16, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

You don’t have to use proprietary virtualization software to run virtual machines. The open source community boasts offerings for all different virtualization needs, so you can assemble a program that has exactly the features you want without high upfront costs or tricky service-level agreements.
Open source virtualization software can help you avoid the costs that come with proprietary software from vendors such as VMware. It also enables you to get updates more frequently, and you can change the source code when necessary.
QEMU emulates the following architectures: IA-32, ARM development boards, MicroBlaze, x86-64 PCs, MIPS64, Sun Sparc, SH4 Shix, RISC-V and PowerPC.
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