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EDN China Article: Why Is Cycle-Accurate Tracking Important In SoC Design?

By May 7, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

UltraSoC today announced a new technology, Cycle Precision Tracking, for embedded monitoring and analysis infrastructure. By adding cycle-accurate tracking capabilities, real-time application developers leveraging UltraSoC embedded analytics can not only see what’s happening inside the device, but more critically, see when something happens.
Cycle-accurate tracking technology will initially be available as part of UltraSoC’s RISC-V processor tracking solution, a rapidly growing open source processor project.
Each storage product in Western Digital includes a processor. Recently, the company has promised to convert 1 billion of its cores into RISC-V architecture, which uses the tracking solution of UltraSoC. “In order to achieve better storage capacity and speed, the storage controller is now very complex, and it is necessary to use powerful embedded analysis technology.” Baines pointed out that the company’s solution can support systems with many different types of processors. Seamless development and debugging, including custom logic such as eFPGA. It is reported that Seagate also adopted the UltraSoC solution.
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