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Geeky Gadgets Article: Raspberry Pi Grove AI HAT For Edge Computing $24

By May 9, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

Internet of Things hardware enabler Seeed Studio has created a new Raspberry Pi Grove AI HAT specifically created for edge computing offering a low cost but powerful Raspberry Pi AI hat which assists the Raspberry Pi mini PC to run “AI at the edge”. But can also be used independently for edge computing applications if desired. The Grove AI HAT is built around the Sipeed MAix M1 AI MODULE and is equipped with a Kendryte K210 processor.
Possible applications for the Grove AI HAT include AI for Edge Computing, smart building, medical equipment, automation and process control and robotic applications. The development team at Seeed Studio explain a little more about the new Raspberry Pi HAT : “We have released varies of SIPEED AI products, we believe it is time to make it Grove and bring all our hundreds of grove senors and grove actuators to your AI applications. So here comes the Grove AI HAT for Edge Computing. We’ve added 6 grove connectors to this hat, including 1xDigital IO, 2xAnalog IO, 1xI2C, 1xUART, and 1xPWM. On top of that, based on kendryte-standalone-sdk, we added the full ArduinoCore-API interface to support Arduino IDE, Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, and other development environments. Which means you can run Grove Arduino Libraries and many excellent Arduino libraries on this board easily.”
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