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TechRepublic Article: $25 Raspberry Pi Add-On Gets You Started With Edge Computing AI

By May 8, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

Seeed Studio is bringing RISC-V capabilities to the Raspberry Pi with the Grove AI HAT for Edge Computing, a $25 add-on to the Raspberry Pi—sitting on top, connecting using the RPi’s GPIO connector pins—equipped with a Sipeed MAIX M1 AI Module, which utilizes a Kendryte K210 processor.
The Grove AI HAT includes six Grove interfaces, including one each for Digital I/O, PWM, I2C, and UART, and two ADC, as well as an interface for a single LCD and camera each, and a microphone and accelerometer onboard. It also integrates a USB-C 2.0 connector, a JTAG & ISP UART pin header, and two 20-pin headers for I2C, UART, SPI, I2S, PWM, and GPIO.
RISC-V has a great deal of momentum behind it, with the Linux Foundation and the RISC-V Foundation partnering with Google and Western Digital to found the CHIPS Alliance to promote the adoption and development of RISC-V implementations. Western Digital, which has publicly committed to “shipping two billion RISC-V cores annually” on products the company manufactures, is opening its SweRV RISC-V implementation and associated tools.
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