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China Electronics News Article: ARM Needs A Competitor, Will RISC-V Dominate Future Computing?

By June 21, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

Recently, Qualcomm’s investment in RISC-V has drawn industry attention and David Patterson announced the RIOS lab jointly established by Berkeley and Tsinghua University. Why is RISC-V so popular? Chief analyst of ICWise believes that the most promising area of RISC-V is the future innovative architecture, such as the promotion of the new accelerated DSA. The CCID Consulting analyst thinks that RISC-V currently lacks talent, product certification standards, and the long-term accumulation of in products, users, and solutions, but its software ecosystem is not missing key parts. According to an analyst from TrendForce, ARM needs a competitor from the perspective of a healthy development of the industry; And to develop into an industrial scale, RISC-V requires the support of practitioners from foundry, EDA, and third-party software vendors together.
To read more, please visit: note that the original article is in Chinese.

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