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Imperas Delivers First RISC-V Simulator For New Vector And Bit Manipulation Specifications To Lead Customers

By June 6, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

Imperas Software Ltd.the leader in virtual platforms and high-performance software simulation, today announced the delivery of its updated simulator for the RISC-V Vector and Bit Manipulation Extensions to lead customers. In addition, the ratified RISC-V Specification is now available in the free RISC-V Open Virtual Platform Simulator (riscvOVPsim™) as a reference Instruction Set Simulator (ISS) for software developers, implementers, and early adopters.
Imperas has supported many early stage implementations, customers and RISC-V Foundation working group projects based on the previous draft specifications of RISC‑V and users can now use the same tools and environment to seamlessly continue with the officially ratified specifications. As a feature of Imperas’ simulation technology, all previous specification versions remain available as configuration options to allow software migration and implementation testing across all releases of the RISC-V specifications.
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