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The Next Platform Article: Europe's Homegrown HPC Compute Begins To Take Shape

By June 10, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

At the recent EuroHPC Summit in Poland, the nature of Europe’s first homegrown HPC processor was described in some detail. The design incorporates Arm, RISC-V, high bandwidth memory, and other technologies in a multi-tile package that will be used to power Europe’s first exascale supercomputers. The work is being performed under the European Processor Initiative (EPI), an EC-funded project whose aim is to develop indigenous chip technology for HPC, AI, and other application areas.
During the EuroHPC event, EPI general manager Philippe Notton outlined the architecture of the HPC package in broad strokes and revealed the existence of SiPearl, a fabless chip company that will license the EPI intellectual property and bring the exascale processor to market. Notton, who founded the company, also provided a roadmap for its products.
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