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Notebookcheck Article: India Is Ready To Test Its Own Line Of RISC-V Desktop CPUs

By July 2, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

India now joins China and the European Union in the race to break away from U.S. hardware reliance. Developed since early 2016, the Shakti CPU family based on the open-source RISC-V microarchitecture offers multiple classes of chips designed for specific markets like embedded / IoT, mobile, HTPC and workstation/server, promising performance similar to existing Intel, AMD and Arm chips.
In order to circumvent this reliance cycle, China has been working on its own line of desktop CPUs for the past few years, and other countries are following suit. The European Union presented its first CPU designs in early June, and India also appears to be ready to test a wide range of RISC-V-based CPUs, as the Indian Institute of Technology Madras recently announced the availability of SDK toolkits for its Shakti processors.
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