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EE Times China Article: Looking At The Market Opportunities Of Domestic MCU Vendors From The Strategic Trends Of ST And NXP

By August 9, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

At present, the industrial market in Asia has reached 4.4 billion US dollars. Although large, it is highly fragmented. In order to deepen the Asian market, ST has established five technical competence centers in Asia: the Center for Motor Control and Industrial Technology, the Internet of Things Center, the Smartphone Center, and the New Energy Vehicle Center. The above five centers have corresponding institutions in China, especially the new energy vehicle center.
RISC-V will exist in the NXP product sequence in the form of an IP core. At present, the subsystems of many large systems are extremely complicated, even surpassing ordinary MCUs and processors. For those old kernel products, the life cycle is greatly reduced due to the lack of timely software and development tool support. Additionally, RISC-V instruction set architecture is very stable, and it now has a fast-growing ecosystem that has become top of mind when making a choice.
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