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Huaqiang Electronic World Network Article: IBM’s Hunger For Red Hat’s Huge Gamble

By August 2, 2019May 12th, 2021No Comments

Recently, IBM announced that it will complete all acquisitions of Red Hat’s issued and outstanding common stock at a cash price of $190 per share, with a total share capital value of approximately $34 billion. As a result, Red Hat became the largest transaction in IBM history and the third-largest transaction in the history of technology in the United States.
As we all know, Red Hat is an enterprise software company with an open-source development model. The most widely known is the widely available open-source system Linux provider and license, similar to Google’s Andriod. With The in-depth collaboration between the Linux Foundation and the RISC-V Foundation, the editors learned that Red Hat now has more to do with the RISC-V open-source instruction set, which further enhances Red Hat’s open-source nature.
To read more, please visit Please note that the original article is in Chinese.

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